The busy city of Adama (known as Nazareth until the end of the 90’s) is the third largest in the country and serves as a popular getaway destination for multitudes who want an alternative weekend to Addis Abeba, which is a 100 Km east of Addis Abeba, at the edge of the rift valley. The city is also a major political center as it is the capital of the country’s largest federal region, Oromia.

There is no lack of hotels and resorts from the budget to the high end in Adama but most would agree that the best resort in the city, or rather on its fringes at 25 Km south, is Sodere Resort. The pools of Sodere are naturally heated and the location of the resort alongside the Awash River makes it ideal for spotting crocodiles, Hippos, monkeys and several bird species. Although the resort is usually busy on weekends, it is serene and peaceful on weekdays. South of Nazareth past the turn off to Sodere, the road leads to the Arsi Mountains and further south to Bale Mountains National Park.