Situated in the heart of Ethiopia at an altitude ranging between 2500 meters above sea level at its lowest and southernmost point and 3000 meters above sea level at its northern and highest point at Entoto, Addis Abeba is the third highest city in the world after La Paz and Quito in Latin America. The surrounding mountains of Zuqualla, Erer, Furi, Wechecha and Menagesha keep the climate of the city mild & temperate throughout most of the year.

Summertime in Addis and throughout most of Ethiopia is actually the rainy season and it can be a little tricky. Don’t be fooled by a day that starts out as bright and sunny since heavy rain clouds will ultimately surface as the day wears on, so be sure to keep warm clothing at hand to avoid the prospect of an unattractive couple of days of flu. Some roads in more remote areas might get muddy in the rainy season so try and rent a four wheel drive vehicle if travelling through the country during the summer.