– The Washa Michael (cave of Michael) rock-hewn church is a historic church built in the late 3rd century AD in the reign of Emperor Abreha making it more than 1600 years old. To say that the church has seen better days would be an understatement.The roof has caved in due to Italian bombardment against freedom fighters in 1935 yet most of its walls and arches, including those of the holy of holies or Mekdes in Amharic still remain standing.

It would normally be impossible to enter this inner sanctum at any other church, but the Tabot, the symbol of consecration in an Ethiopian Orthodox Church, has long been removed to another church, Yeka Michael just down the road, by the decree of Emperor Menelik in 1867. It would be advisable to visit the site by a 4X4 or to take a guide with you from town in order to avoid being mugged along the road up. To get to the church take a Kebena, Megenagna taxi from Arat Kilo, get off at Shola market past the British Embassy and take the uphill behind the embassy side with Yeka park on your right.