Mountain Biking

Bicycling has not been seen as more than a convenient mode of transportation in the less hilly cities and towns outside Addis Abeba, that is, until recently. Even then, most recreational biking has been reserved for road cycling. However, a few adventure tourism-minded resorts have begun to provide mountain biking as an activity for those […]

Around Addis Abeba

The mountains around Addis Abeba do make for some great mountain biking terrain. The most accessible are the Entoto Mountains at over 3,000m, many of which are within Entoto Natural Park. This park on the northern edge of Addis Abeba provides foot paths and back roads that are frequently used by long-distance runners for training. They […]

Mountain biking in Debre Zeit

Mountain biking in Debre Zeit can be as simple as exploring the seven crater lakes and many farms around the city or as challenging as ascending the more than 3,000m Mount Yerer. (See the previous section). At least two resorts, Kuriftu and Babogaya, offer mountain bikes to their guests. There are foreign commercial farms as […]

East Langano Nature Reserve

The two neighboring eco lodges on the far side of Lake Langano loan modern mountain bikes for use on an extensive network of trails that wind through savanna, young forest, open fields, and even beautiful old growth forest with streams meandering through it. Starting in the savanna along the lake in the morning before the […]

Simien Mountains National Park

Mountain biking in the Simiens offers a great balance between walking and driving. When walking, it can take quite a few days to get from one end of the park to the other, and then there is the journey back! When driving, it is all to easy to rush through, missing some of the hidden […]