It is a traditional small town lying just 85Km from Key Afer and an important transport hub. Best known for its Monday market, it is rewarding to spend time and visit a couple of small traditional villages that lie within a short distance from the town. There are places like the Buska Lodge, the Turmi Lodge, Evangadi Lodge and others for accommodation.

Market days:- Monday – Turmi – Hamer, Kara Market days:- Thursday:- Turmi – Hamer, Kara

Dimeka Located 20Km north of Turmi and 58Km south of Key Afer , this principal town of Hamer lies on the southern verge of Bena territory. This Hamer town’s Saturday market attracts the Bena people who are agriculturalists and almost similar in culture to the Hamer. Market days:- Tuesday:- Dimeka – Hamer, Kara Market days:- Saturday:- Dimeka – Hamer, Kara