Lega Oda Cave
The cave, which is found around 38km Southwest of Dire Dawa, features rock paintings and evidence of a stone tool industry. It has been the subject of interest of many researchers. The cave is situated in the side of a limestone hill and subdivided into two floors. The upper floor is about 60m in length, three meters in height, and four meters in depth, whereas the lower one is substantially shorter, attaining only two meters in height. The rock paintings in the cave number about 600. Two other caves, namely GodaOkotae and GodaButtu, are found close by.

Porc Epic Cave
The middle stone age site of Porc Epic Cave lies 3Km south of the city of Dire Dawa in Southeastern Ethiopia, with in a series of broken faulted lime stone blocks of upper Jurassic origin. Situated near the top of Garaderer, a prominent lime stone hill that rises about 140M above the massive Wadi Laga Dachatu, the cave provides an ideal setting from which to monitor migratory herds of prey and has produced a very rich assemblage of stone tools and faunal remain Hominids Operculum, ten thousands of lithic (Stone tool) and faunal (Bone artifact) remain including (lower jaw bone of homo sapiens dating from b/n 60,000 and 77,000 years) from an area of about 50M² (with total excavated volume of about 38m³), Painting in red, brown & black color and opercula, small agile mammals like hares or hyraxes are also found throughout the sequence of the cave.

Goda-Agawa is a pre-historic cave found about 28 Km from Dire Dawa, and has a height of 2050 meters above sea level. The cave has paintings of domestic animals and the palms of human hands in red and white colors are dated to 5000-7000 years like that of the above two caves.