– the administrative center of Gedeo Zone, is a charming city located at a distance of 356 Km from Addis Abeba. The town of Yirga Chefe is another important city in the Gedeo Zone famous for its exquisite coffee, known internationally as one of the best strains in the world. Dilla, found just south of Hawassa, represents a kind of epicenter of the southern Ethiopian tradition of stelae erection and also has a large worthwhile market. Parasols, made out of false banana (enset) leaves, shelter abundant agricultural produce.

The existence of over 6000 megalithic stones in the Gedeo zone at the archeological sites of Chelba Tutti, Sede Mercato and Tuttu Fella megalithic sites among others and the ancient rock engravings at Odola Gelma makes a trip to Gedeo worthwhile. Tutu Fella is one of the most impressive of the southern stelae sites.

It lies near the village of Wenago, 13km from Dilla, along a track up a hill. Around 80 stones are variously carved with facial features and genitalia, believed to represent the sex of the person buried beneath. Tutiti, the second major site in the area, lies on a hill 2.3km from the village of Chalba, consisting of some very large, tapering, mostly un-carved stones, again marking graves.