All international flights arrive and depart from Bole International Airport in Addis Abeba. The national carrier, Ethiopian Airlines ( is Africa’s oldest airline, and it has an excellent safety record, as well as the most extensive intraAfrican flight network of any carrier, and links to several major European and North American cities. Dire Dawa airport serves as an entry port. Bahir Dar and Mekelle Airports will soon start to serve as entry ports.

Entry: All visitors require passport, with at least two full pages empty, valid for at least six months after the end of their stay. Visa is also required.

Visas: Visitors are required to carry a valid passport and sufficient funds to facilitate their stay. Visas are required for all foreign visitors to Ethiopia, with the exception of nationals of Djibouti and Kenya. A visa application may be obtained at Ethiopia’s diplomatic missions overseas where visas are readily available. However, nationals of 37 countries are now allowed to receive their tourist visas upon arrival in Ethiopia at the regular charge. Check at your nearest Ethiopian Embassy for the list.

Domestic Airports: There are 19 Airports for domestic flights in Addis Abeba, Arbaminch, Assosa, Axum, Bahir Dar, Dire Dawa, Gambella, Gode, Gondar, Humera, Jijiga, Jimma, Kombolcha, Lalibela, Mekelle, Pawe(no scheduled flights yet), Robe, Semera and Shire.

Entry points by road
. Metema & Humera – crossing from sudan
. Dewele & Galafi- crossing from Djibouti
. Toguchale, Teferi Ber, Kebri Beyah & Dolo odo- crossing from Somalia
. Moyale & Omorate- crossing from Kenya

NB: There are only entry points and no Visa service available. Visa can only be obtained from Ethiopian Embassies.