The Dorze people who speak a language in the Omotic family live in villages near the towns of Chencha and Arba Minch, in the Gamo-Gofa zone, 30 Km drive from Arba Minch up to Chencha. Weaving is a primary profession for many Dorzes. They also are farmers, who prevent soil erosion,by ingenious terracing of the mountain side.

The Dorze people are famous for their huge huts, a classic example of simple architecture, resembling a giant beehive.The hut is about 12 meters highand is constructed with vertical hardwood poles, wover bamboo and has
thatched roofs of enset (falsebanana).

So these huts are constructed with the natural materials of the area. Although these huts look fragile, they can last
upto 60 years. When their house begin to decay or is attacked by termites they just dig them up and after sewing bamboo struts around the base to protect the shape, mobilize all the neighbors to carry the structures and be transported to another location. Every hut has a sort of ‘’nose’’ at its south end, serving as a reception room. In the middle of the hut there is an open fire for cooking and there are also low benches to sit around the fire. Sleeping places and places for storage are located along the walls.