Covering an area of 157,076 square Km, which is equivalent to 15% of the total landmass of Ethiopia, the Amhara Regional State is home to more than 17 million inhabitants (according to a 2010 census) a vast majority of whom (about 90%) are members of the Amhara ethnic group.

Amhara Regional State has remained the preferred tourist destination for both locals and foreigners for decades. Around 70% of all international tourists and 80% of domestic tourists head to the region to get a feel for the rich history and culture which Ethiopia is most known forThree of the several tourist destinations that the Amhara Regional State has to offer, namely the rock-hewn churches of Lalibela, the Simien Mountain National Park and the medieval castles of Gondar are listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites but there are also lesser known impressive sites and attractions such as the imposing, thunderous falls of the Blue Nile and the ancient monasteries on isolated islands on Lake Tana. From Addis Abeba to the Amhara’s Capital or to Lake Tana you should take the Gojam or Bahir Dar road commonly known as the start of the historic route in which some of the places can be visited within a day trip along the way (Chancho, Mugher Gorge, Jemma Valley and Debre Libanos are mentioned in the Day Trips from Addis Abeba Section).