The pride and heritage of all Ethiopians remains on the exhilarating beverage which the whole world loves so much…Coffee. It is now almost a known fact that coffee originated in Ethiopia. Local legend has it that a goat herd named Kaldi first discovered the effects of the fruit by observing how excited his goats grew […]


The staple food of choice for most Ethiopians (except for those that live in the far south and west) is “Injera”, a large, porous and circular flat bread, produced by fermenting the nutritious local grain “Teff”, which is highly rich in complex carbohydrates and proteins, and baking it in a special wood or electric stove […]

Blue Nile Falls

One of the most captivating attractions of Bahir Dar is the Abay River, which passes through the city from its source, Lake Tana towards the nearby Blue Nile Falls (Tis Abay), which are simply breathtaking. The falls are also the site for the Great Millennium Dam and Power Plant, currently under construction, which promises to […]