Erta Ale

This is the longest continuously active volcano in the world, after Stromboli in Italy and Mauna Kea in Hawaii. It is located in the hottest place on earth measured by average temperature. The mountain rises from below sea level in the Danakil Depression to 613m above sea level. Staring into the abyss conjures up images […]

Rock Climbing

Rock climbing in Ethiopia has a very long tradition, at least dating back to the foundation of the first churches and monasteries in the country, many of which are located up sheer cliffs. These sanctuaries could have also been used as holy sites for the Jewish or pagan religions that predated Christianity’s arrival, stretching back […]


No matter what one’s personal threshold for adventure is, boating on one of Ethiopia’s many lakes is a rewarding experience. Escaping the bustling city or village life out on a lake in the morning when the water is calm and serene is refreshing, to say the least, and surveilling the complex birdlife is an experience […]

Boating at Lake T’ana

Lake T’ana to the northwest of the Rift Valley can take a few days to completely explore, at up to 3,500km2 in area. Even though Lake T’ana has abundant wildlife, most visitors come for its historical sites. It leads as the most interesting lake, by far, when it comes to such sites. Lake T’ana is […]

Boating at Lake Ziway

Boating on Lake Ziway is adventurous for more than one reason. First, any boat ride on the lake usually involves making the long journey from the town of Ziway all the way across to the twin cinder cone peaks of Tulu Gudo Island near the opposite shore of one of the largest lakes in Ethiopia, […]

Boating at Lake Langano

This lake provides many boating opportunities. It is also known for having the best beach in the landlocked country of Ethiopia and for having the most waterfront resorts of any lake in the country. These resorts offer a wide variety of watercraft for venturing out on the blue, or, in this case, the brown, as […]

Boating at Lake Hawassa

Since Hawassa is one of the most popular resort cities in Ethiopia and a fast-growing regional capital to boot, a boat trip on the 129km2 Lake Awassa is going to be a more casual experience. While Lake Langano provides respite from the road, the calmer waters of Awassa offer a sanctuary in the city. Despite […]

Boating at Lake Chamo and Lake Abaya

These twin lakes are separated by a narrow and mountainous strip of land called the Bridge of God. The 1,160km2 Lake Abaya has been colored red with eroded soil, while Lake Chamo is a regular bluish green. Both lakes are good for seeing what may be the longest and even largest overall crocodiles in the […]


The thrill of hunting dates back to the human race’s days before civilization as huntergatherers. It’s about not only being immersed in nature but also playing a part in nature’s life or death struggle. Often those memories are brought home in the form of a trophy, which will last a lifetime. Since hunting usually ends […]

Private Flight Tours

Seeing Ethiopia by road is a great way to see the county up close and personal, but it can also be a long, tiring, and dusty trip on Ethiopia’s sometimes bumpy and windy, though vastly improved, roads. On top of that, if travelling by hired Landcruiser rather than bus, it is a lot more expensive […]


Ethiopia is a land of diverse geological formations. In some parts of the country, volcanic rock dominates, but, in others, sedimentary rock dominates, including limestone. This is where caves can sometimes be found. There is much work to be done in identifying and publishing information on caves in Ethiopia, so local knowledge must be used […]

Hot springs

With the Great Rift Valley running right through the center of the country, Ethiopia is a land of much volcanism. As such, there are many hot springs and even a few small geysers. In fact, hot springs played an important role in the formation of Addis Abeba. If it wasn’t for Filwoha (Amharic for hot […]