This National Park is situated in the GamoGofa zone, 460 Km from Addis Abeba and 85 Km south west of Wolaita Sodo. The park, covering an area of 220 square Km, lies at an altitude of 1800 meters above sea level at its highest points and 900 meters above sea level on its lowest ones.

Maze National Park is known to host 39 large and medium sized mammals as well as almost 200 species of birds. It is particularly a good location to see the endemic Swayne’s Hartebeest, being one of three protected areas where the species resides. Other mammals in the park include Orbi, Bohor Redbuck, Kudu, Leopard, Lions, Wild Cats, Waterbuck, Anubis Baboon and many more while birds like Crowned Crane, Saddle-billed Ibis, Fish Eagles and different species of Starlings can also be spotted.

From the park you can easily go 85Km northeast and reach Wolaita Sodo and continue your trip to the capital or other routes of your choice