Eastern Ethiopia

The eastern part of Ethiopia to the east of the capital starts with the town of Debre Zeit (Bishoftu) to a 100 km larger town of Adama (Nazareth), which can be visited as a day trip. These parts including the Sodere Resort are covered on the Day Trips from Addis Abeba section of this book. […]

The Afar

Erta-Ale Active Volcano Erta Ale is a continuously active basaltic shield volcano in the Afar. It is in the depression, a desert area spanning the border with Eritrea, and the volcano itself is surrounded completely by an area below sea level making it a relatively low-elevation volcano. Erta Ale means “Smoking Mountain” in the local […]

Awash National Park

The park is situated 227 km east of the capital in the dry acacia savanna of the Rift Valley in the Afar and Oromia regional states. It takes about four and half hours drive from Addis Abeba. The Park is bisected by the Dire Dawa road between Metehara and Awash Saba and takes its name […]

Dire Dawa

“The Queen of the Desert” is what many prefer to call the city. It is located 445Km east of Addis Abeba. Dire Dawa was founded in 1902, when the railroad from Djibouti reached the area. Its growth has resulted largely from trade brought by the railroad. The city is home to most of the ethnic […]

Cave Paintings in Dire Dawa

Lega Oda Cave The cave, which is found around 38km Southwest of Dire Dawa, features rock paintings and evidence of a stone tool industry. It has been the subject of interest of many researchers. The cave is situated in the side of a limestone hill and subdivided into two floors. The upper floor is about […]

The Walled City of Harar

Harar is located about 525km east of Addis Abeba, at an elevation of 1,885m. The city can be divided in to two parts: Jugol, the historic center, and the new town before reaching the Jugol. The wall surrounding this sacred Muslim city was built between the 13th and 16th centuries. It is a 3.5km long […]

The Jugol

On the east side of the Great Rift Valley, the medieval walled Islamic city of Harar is famous for its historical and cultural sites. The remarkable defensive wall, popularly known as the Jugol, was built in the 16th century. This wall warmly engulfs the city, which is confined within 48ha and 362 narrow lanes. The […]

Harari Handicrafts

The Harari people are known for the quality of their handicrafts, including weaving, basketry, jewelry making, stone carving, bookbinding and others. The renovated Enay Abida Craft Center is one of the places where you would get Harari’s multi craft outputs. The Hararis’ beautiful basketry with their colorful designs and variety are unique work of art. […]

Hyena Feeding

After dark, the legendary Hyena Man feeds meat by hand and mouth to the wild hyenas that haunt the city’s fringes. This practice of feeding hyenas takes place every night in the outskirts of Sugutat bari and Assumiy bari. The Hararis feed porridge to hyena on Ashura day at numerous sites of shrines.