Named after its lake-Lake Hawassa, it is a city perfectly poised at Lake Hawassa’s edge being the capital of Southern Nations, Nationalities and Peoples’ region and Sidama zone. Home to more than 56 ethnic communities, this city deserves the name given to it by many-“the city of diversity”. Hawassa was founded in 1960 during the period of
Emperor Haileselassie. Hawassa meaning wide in Sidama (Sidamigna-the language), is the largest city in Ethiopian Rift Valley, supporting a population of more than 350,000. Just lying 25 km south of Shashemene, Hawassa is a very pleasant modern city worthy of spending some time in and around the city.

As the region’s capital it also serves as a tourist hub for the southern route. Hawassa and its surrounding has a great potential for investment in the tourism sector, especially Hotel Investment as the city is increasingly becoming a conference center and famous among foreigners.