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Who We Are?


The issue of providing comprehensive information describing all Ethiopia has to offer is conductive to attracting even more visitor and investors to the country as well as to making their stay more gratifying.

Weave promotion and marketing PLC is communication agency which has sat out to fulfill this urgent need for information through “Guide to Ethiopia’’ an annually published definitive guide which has already, in only its two years  of issues  ,garnered the admiration and appreciation of many.



 What makes Guide to Ethiopia different?

 First and for most it the first to its kind to be entirely organized, edited and published by local entities. In this respected it is pioneering and exemplary publication. Second is the fact that the guide offers a wealth of accurate and reliable information, which is inclusive to but not limited to, accommodation and travel tips but also about the art, tradition and history of the marvel which is Ethiopia. Featuring and promoting unfrequented yet studding sites and attractions which are off the beaten trail is also a distinctive aspect of guide to Ethiopia.

WEAVE Promotion & Marketing P.L.C.

Was established in 2007 E.C as a new company based on its mother company, which was established five years earlier. The name WEAVE was chosen to reflect our practice of fitting together the many services we offer into a seamless and beautiful package much like delicate threads are woven together to form a cohesive tapestry. It also reflects the close interwoven relationships we form with the business community and the warmth felt through those relationships.

WEAVE is a privately owned company specializing in promotion, marketing, event organizing, public relations, media management, graphic design, printing, IT solutions, and social marketing and communication. We have competent and creative staff members who understand our customers’ needs. Our office near Bole MedhaneAlem, behind Atlas, provides added convenience for our customers, as well.


Ethiopia is one of those countries, which are highly endowed with natural, cultural, historical and archeological tourism attractions in Africa, but it is not yet fully utilized in attracting foreign tourists. The Ethiopian government in its five years plan has made clear that it has planned to increase the number of foreign tourists and or investors visiting Ethiopia thereby increase the currency which the country gets to more than 1.6 billion Dollars over the next five years. Hence, it is expected that about 3.2 million tourists, on average 640,000 tourists each year, will visit the country over the planned period.

Scholars and experts, however, suggest that there should be huge investment in promotional works on tourist attraction and hospitality service to accomplish the desired goal. This demands coordinated action by the stakeholders of the industry. Hence we, Weave Promotion and Marketing P.L.C, as a concerned citizen, believe that we can contribute our part to fill the gap on this regard. As a marketing tool to promote Ethiopia and its services we have published a unique and the first of its kind guide book GUIDE TO ETHIOPIA

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Take Guide to Ethiopia With You Wherever You Go!

Guide to Ethiopia in its 2nd edition has been appreciated as a definitive guide for hospitality industry of Ethiopia in a unique format with unique features. It is marketed and owned by a communication agency named Weave Promotion & Marketing PLC.

Guide to Ethiopia strive to be the most comprehensive information source of its kind and an essential reference for the local and foreign users. The guide provide as detail information as possible so that users can get a clear picture of the facilities and type of service provided.


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