Jimma located 350km southwest of Addis Abeba and has the largest settlement in Western Ethiopia of the Oromia Regional State. It used to be the administrative capital of Kaffa, which is now in the Southern Region.

Jimma Aba Jiffar Museum
The only historical tourist attraction in the city is the Jimma Abba Jiffar Museum. It was once the palace of King Jiffar (1852 to 1933), who ruled the kingdom of Kaffa for long. The impressive palace, built by Abba Jiffar during the early years of his rule, was constructed at a cost of 400kg of gold and 65,000 Maria Teresa Thalers. It signifies colonial architecture, mainly because of the slave trade orchestrated by the kingdom. The museum contains a private family mosque (still functional), and rooms that used to serve as a library, throne room, reception chamber, king’s guardroom, sentry tower, courthouse, and guesthouse. There are also various caves, hot springs, and a hippo pond to visit around.