With so many other things to see and do in Ethiopia, wildlife safaris have been kind of neglected in the country, despite the Great Rift Valley running up through Tanzania and Kenya right into the center of Ethiopia. While many people come to Ethiopia to see the afroalpine fauna, there are also plenty of traditional safari-type animals to see.

Though lion spotting is not an activity that locals have developed, it is sometimes possible to see these beasts in Ethiopia. However, the real gem among Ethiopian safaris is the whiteeared kob migration phenomenon where about a million of white eared Kob population seasonally move across, Gambella National Park into South Sudan’s Boma National Park. When combined with other antelopes species this forms the second-largest terrestrial wild mammal migration in the world next to the Great Migration of the Serengeti and Massai Mara wildbeest migration.

To witness this Serengeti-like experience, it is essential to come to Gambella National Park at the right time of year. The white-eared kob grazes in Gambella during the dry season from November to April and crosses the boarder south to South Sudan for the wet season from May to October.