There are at least nine sights that can be seen on foot in the Entoto Mountains: views of Addis Abeba, the natural environment of Entoto Natural Park itself, Entoto Mariam Church, the historical museum, Menelik’s Palace, two Kedus Raguel and Kedus Elias Churches from different eras, the Washa Mikael Church ruins, and runners training on the forest trails. The road to the two Kedus Raguel and Kedus Elias Churches is a paved continuation of the road to Entoto proper from the lower parts of Addis Abeba, making it very convenient to visit.

Even if minibus taxis are used to reach Entoto where most of the other sites are located, one can easily follow the paved road to the left (west) and up the ridge to the church, covering the one-Km distance on foot. The road from Shiro Meda on Entoto Street is very walkable, albeit steep. In fact, the steepness contributes to the low traffic and slow speeds, especially after the first switchback. (Some cars can’t even make it to the top!)

The street is very crowded around Shiro Meda. But, the crowds give way to trees, and one can see native trees, such as junipers, growing up below the eucalyptus plantation, which is as old as the city. Once the hill is crested, the Entoto Mariam Church and Menelik’s Palace can be seen on the right. Washa Mikael requires a 30 minute to 60 minute hike uphill from further east, around the British Embassy or Yeka. The running trails can be accessed from many different parts of northern Addis Abeba, including from the historical Entoto settlement. Other access points include the well-to-do hillside neighborhood in western Yeka.