Mountain biking in the Simiens offers a great balance between walking and driving. When walking, it can take quite a few days to get from one end of the park to the other, and then there is the journey back! When driving, it is all to easy to rush through, missing some of the hidden gems of the park, such as waterfalls, troops of geladas, ibexes, an Ethiopian wolf, perhaps, or even breathtaking viewpoints.

When biking, it is also easier to get over to just the right spot for that perfect camera angle without asking the driver to stop and then jumping out of the car while everyone else waits. The Simien Mountains offer a mix of easy and challenging terrain for biking. The gravel road through the park follows the top of the famed escarpment, which is relatively level. Still, there are a few steeper grades.

The footpaths worn by locals over the centuries are the alternative. They tend to take the shortest distance between two points, usually without utilizing switchbacks, so this can make for some steep trails, depending on the topography they pass through. Nonetheless, these trails go just about anywhere.