This lake provides many boating opportunities. It is also known for having the best beach in the landlocked country of Ethiopia and for having the most waterfront resorts of any lake in the country. These resorts offer a wide variety of watercraft for venturing out on the blue, or, in this case, the brown, as the lake has been colored with eroded soil. One of the best things about boating on Lake Langano is that many of the resorts don’t require hiring a boat operator with their boats. Additionally, use of their boats is often included in the room price or even a day-use ticket. This makes it cheaper to go boating, and provides more freedom and privacy

Unlike resorts at other lakes, such as T’ana, Hawassa, Ziway, and those of Debre Zeit, which are built in the city, Langano’s resorts are miles away from the nearest town. Boats range from the standard metal boats with outboard motors, seen at most lakes, to plastic kayaks or canoes. Some of the more remote parts of this 300km2 lake are excellent birding spots for the 300-plus species present and are most easily accessed by boat. Other reasons for boating here include hippo spotting, visiting the lake’s hot springs, and searching out remote beaches for a more private experience.