Deep in Southern Ethiopia is Strawberry Fields Eco Lodge in Karat Konso, a restaurant, farm, eco lodge, and permaculture design training center. Strawberry Fields offers guided treks of the Konso Cultural Landscape UNESCO World Heritage Site and beyond.

The climate is sunnier than many parts of Ethiopia, which also means less rain, hence the terraced landscape that dates back more than 400 years. The stone terraces reach heights of up to five meters and are dotted with stone stelae and wooden statues grouped by family.

Treks range from day hikes to three, six, and 12-day backpacking trips. They include many stops in villages where it is customary to learn local skills like blacksmithing, pottery, and winemaking with honey, for example. It is also possible to spend the night as a prearranged houseguest in villages along the way.