Negash is a small village located 60 km east of Mekele, the capital of Tigrai region and 10km north of Wukro. You can visit Negash as a day trip from Wukro. It lies on a plateau commanding a view of the spectacular mountains of Gheralta. It serves as enduring reminder of the warm welcome extended by the Ethiopian King of the time when Muslims, including the family of the prophet Mohammed, fleeing persecution in their own land found refuge in Ethiopia during the early years of the 7th century AD. Since then, Negash has been a place of great historical and religious significance in a sense that it is a symbol of peaceful coexistence between Muslim and Christian religions. Negash Mosque is regarded by many as the second holiest place of the Muslim world.

Negash is famous for the ornate white Arabic-style tomb of Ahmed Negash, and for the recently built mosque, on top of the site of the original mosque. An ancient cemetery has been uncovered, believed to contain the graves of those first Muslims refugees. There is an annual festival held at Negash, which attracts Muslim pilgrims from all over Ethiopia.