Bati and Senbete Markets Bati is an Oromo town in northern Ethiopia, located 415km north of Addis Abeba and 40 km east of Kombolcha. Where the highlands and the lowlands meet, people from different ethnic groups are brought together. The Oromo, Amhara, Guraghe, Argoba, and Afar, with their camels and distinctive knives, converge to buy, sell, and exchange many types of goods here. The landscape and scenery are very beautiful. Bati Market is huge, chaotic, and covers an entire hillside. It is one of the most interesting markets in Africa. The buying and selling process, from cereals to camels, is fascinating. If in the area at the right time of the week, either of the markets is well worth the relatively minor diversion, not only for the sheer scale of the phenomenon, but also for getting a glimpse of a facet of Ethiopian life that is very different from anything encountered in the highlands. As the second biggest market in Ethiopia, after Addis Abeba’s Mercato,

Bati Market is held every Monday. Senbete’s takes place the day before, every Sunday. Senbete is only 9km south of Ataye and the best open traditional market after the Bati Market. From Bati you can cross to the desert dwelling people of Afar through Mile.

Kemissie: is another busy little oromo town located at 325km from Addis Abeba and 50km south of Kombolcha. Borkana wetland only 8km south of the town Kemissie is an ample birdlife area.