Food : Contrary to some people’s expectation, Ethiopia is liberally endowed with good eateries, though the vast majority of restaurants outside of Addis Abeba adhere strictly to the cuisine, which is quite unlike that of any other African Country, eating out in Ethiopia is ridiculously cheap, with local meals in remote areas costing less than or around 1 USD, while a Western meal will rob you of 2 to 4 USD.

Drink : The Kaffa province is thought to be where coffee originated, and the coffee bean accounts for more than half of Ethiopia’s exports. As a consequence, many Ethiopians are coffee- addicts and the espresso style coffee (buna), served with two spoons of sugar, is rich, sweet and thoroughly addictive. The prime soft drink is fresh fruit juice, most commonly banana, avocado, papaya and guava, with availability dependent on season and location. The usual soft brand drinks are widely available and very cheap.

The most popular local tipple is tej, a mead-like drink made from honey (mar) or (sugar). Mar tej is a considerable improvement on most African home brews and very alcoholic, but still something of an acquired taste. Locally brewed beer, made from millet or maze, is called tella. Bottled lager is sold throughout Ethiopia, with popular brands being Dashen, Castel, Bati, Bedele, St.George, Harar and Heineken. Wine is brewed locally; the result is indifferent but affordable, especially if bought directly from a shop.