All modern forms of communication, be they telephone, mobile, fax, or Internet, are available, as telecommunication in Ethiopia is generally good. Telephones have direct dialing to most countries in the world. Coin operated booths are available in major cities. Airtime cards are sold at most shops and hotels. The country code is 251 and Addis Abeba’s area code is 11 (or 011 if calling from within the country).

One should not be surprised if they happen to witness a farmer pulling out his cell phone with one hand while holding his plough with the other hand or witness a woman in an open market selling butter call to ask her supplier in town about the situation who is at the market. Fax and Internet are available in most offices and Internet cafes are available in both cities and towns. People using their own wireless USB modems with their laptops are a common sight in metropolitan cafes, but connection speeds are often slow. Postal and courier services are efficient and reliable. For courier services, DHL, FedEx, UPS, TNT, and EMS have offices in Addis Abeba.