Learn a few words of Amharic (Amarignya). Unlike the Latin alphabet, the vowels in Amharic are contained in the 7 forms of each of the main characters of the Amharic script, which can make learning written Amharic difficult. But, here are a few words that can go a long way during any stay in Ethiopia. Knowing another language allows one to cross rivers.

How are you? – Dehna neh? (For males) – Dehna nesh? (For females)                               DAYS OF THE WEEK
Where is …? – Yet no …?                                                                                                                 Sunday – Ihud
Excuse me – Yikirta                                                                                                                          Monday – Segno
How much is it? – Sint no?                                                                                                             Tuesda – Maksegno
Thank you – Ameseginalehu                                                                                                          Wednesday – Erob
Please – Ebakih (for males) – Ebakish (for females                                                                   Thursday – Hamus
Friday – Arb
Saturday – Kedame
Today – Zare                                                      How? – Endet?
Tomorrow – Nege                                             Why? – Lemin?
Yesterday – Tilant                                             Which? – Yetignaw?
Now – Ahun                                                        Yes (all right) – Eshi
Quickly – Tolo                                                    No – Aydelem/ Ayhonem
Slowly – Kes                                                       Excuse me – Yikirta
Mr. – Ato                                                             I am sorry – Aznallehu
Mrs. – Weyzero                                                  Good – Tiru/ melkam
Miss – Weyzerit                                                 Bad – Metfo
I – Ene                                                                 Hello – Halo
You – Ersewo                                                     Good Morning – Endemn adderu /k(M)/sh(F)
He, She – Esu, Essoa                                        Good afternoon – Endemn walu /k (M)/sh(F)
We – Egna                                                          Good evening – Endemn ameshu /k (M)/sh(F)
They – Ennessu                                                 Goodbye – Dehnahunu /hun(M)/hugne(F)
What? – Min?                                                    How are you? – Tenayistilign /endemen not? eh(M)/ esh(F)
Who? – Man?
When? – Metche?


You’re welcome – Minim aydel
My name is… – Sime….no
Please sit down – Yikemetu /tekemet(M) /tekemech(F)
What is your name? – Simewo man no? h(M)/ sh(F)
Where do you come from – keyet metu? Ah(M) /ash(F) – Hagero yet no?eh (M) /esh(F)
I come from… – Ke…. Metahu
My country is… – Hagere… no
Can you speak Amharic? – Amaregna yenageralu? Tenageraleh(M) – Tenageriyalesh(F) Only a little – Tinish
I want to learn more – Yebelete memar ifelegalehu
How do you find Ethiopia – Itiyopiyan endet agegnuat? hat(M) /shat(F)
I like it here – Itiyopiya Tesmamtognal

Where(place) – Yet?
Where is it? – Yet no?
Where?(Direction – Wodet?
Street/road – Menged
Airport – Awiroplan marefeya
Where is the hotel? – Hotelu yet no?
Where are you going? – Yet iyehedu no? eh(M)/ esh(F)
I am going to… – Wede… iyehedku no
Turn right – Wede kegn yitatefu/tatef(M)/ tatefi(F)
Turn left – Wede gra yitatefu/ tatef(M) / tatefi(F)
Go straight – Ketita yihidu/ hid(M)/ higi(F)
Please stop here – Ezih yikumu/ kum(M) / kumi(F)
Come – Na(M)/ ney(F) / nu(P)
Go – Hid(M)/ hig(F) / hidu(P)
Stop – Kum(M) /kumi(F) /kumu(P)
Help – Irdagn(M) /irgegn(F) /irdugn(P)