The park, established in 1976, is situated in the Great Rift Valley covered with grassland, bush, and thorn thickets. It has an average altitude of 500m above sea level, and the climate of the park is and hot and dry for the larger part of the year. Temperatures can rise to 43 degrees C in the shade. The park is a major flyway for migrant birds coming from the northern hemisphere from September to January.

Location: 4365km east of Addis Abeba in Afar Regional State, between Gewane and Mile towns.
Size: 4,731sqkm

Hours: 6:00am to 6:00pm.
When to Go: The best time is between September and January.

Things to See and Do: African wild ass, beisaoryx, Sommerring’s and dorcas gazelle, gerenuk, hamadryas baboon, and lion can sometimes be seen here.

Getting There: By road.
Where to Stay and Eat: Basic hotels in Gewane.