HEBIR ETHIOPIA – ‘ Traditional restaurant in a cultural pavilion’

Ethiopia’s cultural and natural wonders; the ancient Axumite Palace, the Obelisks, the Churches of Lalibela, the Gondar Castle of Fasiledes, the Harar Gate, the Sof Omar Cave of Bale, the Tiss-Isat Falls of the Blue Nile, and more, are all depicted to scale in a three dimensional cultural pavilion that is ‘Hebir Ethiopia.’ The pavilion-cum-restaurant serves Ethiopian cuisine accompanied by live traditional music & folklore dance.

The discreet, yet distinguished restaurant is the premiere venue for a traditional night out in Addis and is favored by international travellers & dignitaries. Patrons include; Presidents, Prime Ministers, Foreign Ministers, prominent figures from the world of business, politics, science, culture, art, entertainment & sports.*


*Advance booking highly recommended.

Location:- Africa road (Bole Road) Tel: +251 11 662 0922/21

Fax: +251 11662 0922, Email: hebir@bekelemollahotels.com