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About Us 2

Who We Are?

The issue of providing comprehensive information describing all Ethiopia has to offer is conductive to attracting even more visitor and investors to the country as well as to making their stay more gratifying. Weave promotion and marketing PLC is communication agency which has sat out to fulfill this urgent need for information through “Guide to Ethiopia’’ an annually published definitive guide which has already, in only its two years  of issues  ,garnered the admiration and appreciation of many.


Know More About Us

IT solutions

are not something to fool around with by working with amateurs. Choose an experienced company in WEAVE and avoid wasting time with unnecessarily slow systems and networks, unreliable data storage, and unintuitive websites, databases, and software.  With our skilled and experienced employees, we will give you state-of-the-art solutions, including: In-house developed systems , Website development , System design and software development, Software maintenance,Information system design and development,Database design,Networking,Training and consultancy

Print Estimation Software is a methodical, repeatable, affordable, cost-based print estimating and quoting software package for commercial offset printers. Owned and developed by WEAVE Promotion and Marketing, it is the first of its kind produced in Ethiopia.Weprest increases credibility and fairness through consistency and eliminates the ambiguity of any prices changes. Its instant job recall feature also increases consistency and responsiveness for repeat customers as well as time-management on the job.

With Weprest, manage inventory, purchases, payment statuses, costs, and profits; prepare estimates, pro formas, job orders, and financial reports; save time and labor; and, most importantly, retain customers.

The Catalogue for the Construction Industry is the only categorized construction materials catalogue suite that serves professionals, consultants, contractors, and companies in the local construction industry with technical specifications and other details of construction materials, equipment, and services. This suite of products includes a comprehensive catalogue, an electronic version distributed by CD, as well as a pocket-sized desktop reference directory. Its usefulness ensures that every birr spent on advertising in CON-LINK gets maximum mileage and exposure on the desks and in the hands of your target audience.

CON-LINK is a yearly catalogue that has been continuously updated and improved for the past five years. Along with numerous other improvements, this year marks the first themed edition of the catalogue, titled “Green Technology for Our Sustainable Future.” If you are in the construction sector, whether providing materials, machinery, services, or any combination of the three, don’t be left out of the club. Secure your listing, today, among your peers, and chose from a variety of exposure levels up to and including multipage color advertisements.

Our Core Values

Marketing and Promotion (Branding) 

Marketing: tends to be seen as a creative industry, including advertising, distribution, and selling. It is also concerned with anticipating customers’ future needs and wants, and these are often discovered through market research. We understand that marketing plays a vital role in helping companies prosper. Our marketing services nclude: Market surveys,Market research, Market strategy and consultancy, Product marketing, Social marketing,        Awareness campaigning

Event organizing and management

is the application of project management to the creation and development of festivals and events. Before actually executing the modalities of a proposed event, WEAVE goes through the process of studying the intricacies of the brand, identifying the target audience, devising the event concept, planning logistics, and coordinating technical aspects. All activities, including venue selection, setup, decoration (designing and printing), etc, are handled by WEAVE. Some of the event activities we have organized to date are: Product launches,Exhibitions , Annual meetings,Press conferences, Shows and performances, Parties, etc…

” Quality, onsistency, customer focused 

–           Customer focus
–           Excellence in every service
–           Strong leadership
–           Honesty
–           Responsibility
–           Consistency
–           Fairness