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Arequ Guesthouse

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Addis Ababa
+251 11 629 3280

Located midway between bole Airport and Bob Marly Junction (Imperial Round about)

ARQU is small family Guesthouse built from antique Elements from residences half a century old. All the furnish are hand made by the family itself. The rough and rustic interiors, warm colors and family to look after our guests is an environment we invite our dear invite to experience.

Our new home is also an old one. All the doors and windows and bought and restored from the era of the Emperor. All our doors and windows are at least fifty years old some dating as far as seventy. Our floors are also restored timber from the same era. Some of our rooms have floors in stone from the town of Ambo known very well for its rock and stone beauty as well ad its famous mineral water. yet we have not gone to the extremities of our likings for respect of our guests and have limited our stone rooms to only two and use comfortable but conventional floors for the rest.

This house provides privacy for our guests and their friends to come and enjoy. The dinning room on the ground floor serves breakfast for our esteemed guests. Lunch and dinner are prepared by the family on request but our guests are free to use the space as they would use their own home.  Tea, Coffee and cookies are served throughout the day in the common area which guests can freely use as they need.

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Arequ Guesthouse Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

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