Senkele Swayne’s Hartebeest

Sanctuary7°11’N/38°20’E Originally established to protect the swaynes hartebeest, the open acacia woodland of the park is quite scenic, and some of animals are fairly easily spotted. Location: 340km south of Addis Abeba in Oromia and Southern Nations regional states. Size: 54sqkm. Hours: All day. Entry: From Shashemene. When to Go: From October to the end […]


Alatish National Park

11°47’-12°31’N/35°15’-35°48’E Alatish National Park was established in 2006. The general topography of the park is flat to undulating plains, with a general slope or inclination from the south to the north, interrupted by valleys, streams, scattered hills, and seasonal wetlands. Elevation ranges from 520m to 920m above sea level. Location: 970km north of Addis Abeba, […]